Iglusauna Double




In addition to a steamroom accommodating 6 people, the double sauna is also provided with a relaxroom for changing clothes comfortably or simply relaxing.

The iglusauna is a unique eye-catcher with its northern shape, hiding special steam whirl. This is the best place under the northern sky to clear one`s mind and exchange wordless thoughts between best friends.

The outside of the Iglusauna has been finished with spruce shingles and the inside with aspen shingles. Over 2,500 shingles are used in making each sauna, each of which is manually installed and axe-trimmed when needed. That is why each of our saunas is unique.

The interior of the sauna is built using aspen wood and the floors are covered with planed spruce boards. All saunas are stained on the outside according to the client’s wishes. The saunas can be ordered with many different accessories and extras.

The experience of using the Iglusauna is unique due to the sauna’s round shape. The best characteristics of the sauna appear at around 70-80 degrees Celsius, but it works great on higher temperatures as well. Thanks to the shingles and the breathability of the sauna, the experience is pleasantly humid and sauna enjoyment is guaranteed.


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